Guaranteed to Save You Money

The WATERGATER is a Flow Managenemt Valve.

By leveraging the principles of fluid dynamics, the WATERGATER prevents air and turbulence

from pasing through your water meter.

How it Works

Water in Transit

Consider the path water travels to get to your property.

It starts at a reservior or water tower, where it's channelled into city water mains, under immense pressure. From here the water travels through pumping stations, intersecting water lines, increases and decreases in elevation and temperature, all of which builds turbulence in your water in the form of air and water vapor bubbles.

Turbulence at Your Meter

By the time water reaches your meter, as much as 40% of the volume could be attributed to this turbulence.

It is important to understand that your water meter is a flow meter in that it measures volume not contents. This is to say that as long as something is moving through your water line, be it water or debris, your meter will read the line as being full.

Corrected Water Flow

Once installed, on the property side of the water meter, the WATERGATER creates a compression zone that extends up to 200 feet back, through your meter. This compression zone prevents water in its uncompressed form from entering your water line.

The net result is Laminar Flow through your water meter, where all you pay for is water and no turbulence.